7th Convocation

Shri Vijaybhai Rupani being graduate in Arts and Law, began his political career as a student activist and was associated with ABVP and RSS. His political journey has continued as Rajya Sabha Member, MLA, Cabinet Minister, president of BJP Gujarart and then CM. He is known for his empathic attitude and humble leadership. He has contributed his valuable inputs as Chairman of Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited and spearheaded the memorable Tourism Campaign ‘Khushboo Gujarat Ki’. As a member of the Rajya Sabha, Shri Rupani sir played an active role in parliamentary committees on Water Resources, Food, Public Distribution and Public Utility. In the former Cabinet, Shri Vijaybhai Rupani served as Minister for Water Supply, Transport, Labour and Employment. Hon Chief Minister sir has set an example of – transparent, sensitive, decisive and progressive Government; for balanced growth of Agriculture, Industries and Services that will ensure growth for all.

I insist that you also do something accountable which may lead us to honor you in Vibrant Gujarat Summit. Our desire, our dream is that the youth of Gujarat become renowned worldwide by winning noble prize       Shree Vujaybhai Rupani

Honorable Shri Ganpatbhai Patel, the Patron-in-Chief of Ganpat University, whose name shines at the core in the establishment of this world-renowned university. Our respectable comrade and president of Ganpat University Shri Anilbhai Patel who, in order to build this grand campus to make education accessible to every layman, toiled hard to procure help from almost every nook and cranny of the world. Today’s distinguished speaker Shri Lata Singh, Executive Director, Public & Communication Sector, another special guest Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Executive Director, Wockhardt Limited and CEO of Wockhardt Foundation, Director General of Ganpat University Dr. Mahendra Sharma, Members of the board of governance, members of academic council, trustees of Mehsana District Education Foundation, administrators of various academic institutions present here from across North Gujarat, scholars, principals, professors, academicians and all the dear students eagerly anticipating  to become graduates along with their parents. I experienced something absolutely surreal today as I entered this campus. I saw different academic institutions and colleges lurking amid lush green trees. My heart leapt up upon seeing this and was filled with the feelings of joy, pride and utmost gratification. My dear students, today I would like to share my thoughts with you on how we all can come together to shape the future of the state and the country and what can be done to cater to the needs of tomorrow with the education you have had. I am indeed very much excited and jubilant in your company today because youth means a small realm of dreams, a torrent of incessant energy. I am reminded of the words describing the brimming powers of the youth:

“Horses gallop in the heart of youth, Its soul extends vigorous wings in cheer, The youth cast its eyes on untrodden realms without fear.”

The hearts of social workers like us, donors like Ganpatbhai and industrialists like Anilbhai are very much swayed and inspired when we have company of youngster like you that we can’t resist sharing our own thoughts with you. I’ve come here to invite you to join hands from tomorrow in Gujarat’s journey of progress forward on the path of development. The land of North- Gujarat holds a special significance. It’s a land of education and virtue. The presence of a noble person like Ganpatbhai is thoroughly motivating to all of us. I am particularly glad upon hearing his story. Ganpatbhai, a native of Bhunav, North-Gujarat, who settles in America and excels in Electronics by dint of his sheer hard work and dedication to earn global reputation, is in fact a casestudy for all of us. The youth born here on this noble land of India and Gujarat should learn from the life of Ganpatbhai and it is truly commendable that Ganpatbhai has reached great heights of success after a lot of struggles, trials and tribulations. I believe that perhaps Ganpat University is the only instance where the university bears the name of a living person. We have gathered here amid such a historic contribution by Ganpatbhai. Being in the same society, the same university and the same state, we should make conscious efforts to find answers to questions pertaining to our society, state and nation. Only those institutions can develop a robust society which can answer these questions or enable and empower the students to find the answers on their own. It is truly a pleasant and fortunate coincidence that this convocation is witnessing the presence of both Ganpatbhai and Anilbhai. I feel immense pride in stating that it is the hidden humane interest of people like Ganpatbhai, Anilbhai and other such donors that education should be accessible to everyone and it should help one become self-reliant. I am to know that Ganpat university has been able to fulfil its primary objective of ‘Upliftment of Society Through Education’ within a very short span of time. It is equally gladdening to know that approximately 25000 students have received their higher education from Ganpat University and many among them have been serving at higher positions in some of the world’s reputed companies. There are also those who have outstood by starting their own successful business ventures. It is a matter of deep appreciation that looking at the requirement of today’s industrial world, Ganpat University is dedicated to providing diligent, skilled and able manpower to industries. To do this, Ganpat University has signed MoUs with companies like IBM, e-infochip, IL & FS, NSE (National Stock Exchange), Karcher and Maruti Suzuki  as part of the same, special courses are run under Engineering Management and Computer Science. stF riends 21 century is the century of knowledge. There has been paradigm shift in the thinking of the people before and after independence. Let’s remember Hon. Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi who is a very dear son of this distinct. Look at this visionary leader who’s striving very hard to take the country on the pinnacle of development. Friends, Convocation is a very pious occasion, on this day students holding their  degrees in hands are all set to embark on a new journey in society. We have come here to welcome them as social representatives. As I said earlier, youth has many dreams. As this university provided education to them, now two things have come together: knowledge and dream. Afterwards, you, as a youth, will see the reality. Thus, there will be an amalgamation of three things: Dream, Knowledge and Reality. Often, the realities are very harsh and dreams are only unreal. But to realize your dreams, to soften realities, we need to add something to our personality. This ‘something extra’ will enable the youth of Gujarat to display his zeal and to enter with all its might and confidence in this era of technology. Friends, knowledge is essential to life. Lord Krishna has given as much importance to knowledge as to karma. Our country is known as the sun of knowledge. This knowledge unfolds the mysteries of the universe on one hand and on the other hand it teaches you the art of living. Today, even the western countries are showing curiosity in India’s incredible legacy. Suddenly, everyone is interested in India. Even a social worker like me, who is engrossed in public life, is starting to get curious as to when and where can our spirituality and western science be fused. And if it happens, we will be the leaders of tomorrow. We will be able to compete with tomorrow’s challenges. This university has accepted a novel role which is to prepare the youth of Gujarat to show their latent potential in the face of giant corporates and thus, by virtue of their talent, get accepted everywhere. Apparently, university only awards degrees to students on convocation day, but in fact university, in its modern sense, prepares the youth to cope with challenges in life. I have read the history and progress reports about this university and I feel that this university has put in great many efforts to develop skills and confidence in the youth. Both these qualities together, backed by curiosity, will certainly help the youth to stand out in the world with their heads held high. It is genuinely commendable that through its Ganpat VolunTeacher Mission, the students of Ganpat University are educating the tiny tots from nearby villages. Parallel to this, efforts are made to make people aware about Cashless Transactions in the wake of demonetization. It’s indeed a matter of sheer pride that Ganpat University is contributing in building a new India by visiting nearby villages and demonstrating the same to people in order to make this mission successful. Ganpat University is the only university whose affiliated U.V.Patel College of Engineering offers a four-year degree course in marine engineering. Friends, today’s world is the world of technology. People these days are connected to one another through mobile banking. Everyone is using internet. Wi-Fi facility is made available domestically as well as at work places. I am reminded what Narendrabhai had once remarked that in earlier times civilization flourished near river banks whereas today’s civilization will thrive where optical fibers are found. You need to start reflecting from today itself as to how novel technology can be utilized to enhance the quality of life. In addition, Ganpat University has shown its willingness to participate in such national missions as Skill Development, Make in India and Start Up India initiated by Shri Narendrabhai Modi. Friends, in the presence of such sophisticated audience, I would like to bring forward a matter of serious consideration. The best universities in the world have always put emphasis on research and development. Our youth is equally talented. We will have to provide them a research conducive environment so that their creative ideas get materialized. We need to start such R and D centers where researchers get easy access to resources, state-of-the-art laboratories required to conduct research and do innovations. Even engineering and science college should possess one such laboratory where a reflective and dedicated student can promote any novel idea that may enter his/her mind and, by finding something new, can get it patented. Friends, do you know what is the problem today? The problem today is that of getting employed. Universities should share dialogues with the government reflecting on issues like where and how the youth can be employed. I am glad that you have understood the industrial developments taking place in the state and the country under the visionary leadership of Anilbhai and Ganpatbhai. Besides, you may be aware that recently on his visit to Japan, honorable prime minister has signed an MoU with Japan’s Maruti company to start Japan India Institute of Manufacturing at many places in India so as to hone the skill of the youth of India. The only such institute in Gujarat has been established at Ganpat University. BhoomiPujan ceremony has just finished and construction is underway. It is gratifying to know that this step, this beginning, this initiative by Ganpat University will surely act as a trailblazer for other universities to follow. Through such training centers, this university is training the students in precisely the same way in which industries expect the employees to be. It’s a matter of pride for me to say that this university ensures the employees develop essential skills to meet industrial requirement. It is imperative, in this way, to club education with employability and I congratulate Ganpat University wholeheartedly for pioneering in this matter. The mantra of Ganpat University is Vidyaya Samajotkarshah which means Social Upliftment through Education. It’s indeed a unique slogan. Today, there has prevailed a kind of void, a disconnect between society’s problems and higher education. I wish Ganpat University comes to fore in addressing the issues like suicide and unemployment, economic empowerment and cleanliness growing rampant in today’s youth. I wish that the youngsters of today ponder over such issues and make every possible effort to accomplish the long-term objective of the university. Friends, Gujarat has achieved many exceptional feats of development under able leadership of Shri Narendrabhai Modi. Today, I would like to particularly highlight some of its accomplishments in the field of higher education. Because it is from among you only that tomorrow Gujarat will get quality educationalists, Scientist, office-bearers, bureaucrats and those visionary social workers who can lead the society.  In such times, we have to be aware about the development happening in the field of education. Between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, a knowledge corridor is developing at leaps and bounds where you will find Law University, Petroleum University, Raksha Shakti University, Forensic Science University as well as Sports University. By developing varied universities Gujarat is creating its own unique identity in the field of education. We’ve taken an initiative where special efforts will be made towards creating experts at special subjects because tomorrow belongs to the experts. Tomorrow, there will be a requirement of employees, office-bearers and scientists having specialized knowledge and to prepare such officials or scientists, we have created a knowledge corridor in that direction. Technological universities like Ganpat University, M.S. University etc. regularly confers degrees. Even in these universities many novel experiments are carried out in the field of education. Thus, in the direction of higher education Gujarat is progressing rapidly towards a micro revolution. Amid such transforming times it is truly inspirational to see your progress and your unique capacities. I wish that the same will give you an impetus in reaching heights of success in your life. Friends, the coming week will witness more than 100 countries along with our Honorable Prime Minister participating in Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit. You will realize the power of a thought there. Narendra Modi initiated Vibrant Gujarat Summit to keep Gujarat aligned with other developed countries of the world. It is a unique trait of Shri Narendrabhai that he never thinks trivial but he always thinks in terms of global development. He searches for the best in the world and endeavors in that direction and makes others work hard too. Countries like America, Canada, Latin, Middle East and South Asian countries like Japan, China etc. will have a dialogue together with regards to the trends industrial development and will also consider what Gujarat has to say on this. I consider you all fortunate that you are going to witness one such global Summit. I strongly urge that the bright students from this university participate in Vibrant Gujarat Summit and become part of the discussions. It is perhaps happening for the first time that around 8-10 noble lourets in the field of science will interact with students in Gandhinagar Science City. Friends, this occasion is not at all less in importance. It is an outstanding an achievement. I will request Anilbhai to meet and discuss with the ministry of Industrial development and decide where the students can be involved. It is possible that someone from you may become a noble prize winner or a person having scientific temperament. I insist that you also do something accountable which may lead us to honor you in vibrant Gujarat summit. Our desire, our dream is that the youth of Gujarat become renowned worldwide by winning noble prize. If this happens, only then we can boast of the fact that our university gives us education which is internationally recognized. Friends, Gujarat is having a multi-faceted development. In the field of Petrochemicals, Gujarat has contributed significantly. Around 41 ports in Gujarat will be thriving soon. North Gujarat itself is transforming into an auto-hub. Bombay- Delhi Industrial corridor will pass from Mehsana. This industrial development is quite promising. This has let to the creation of many employment opportunities. For trade and commerce, a different scenario is developing and youngsters like you who possess technological knowledge will go ahead if you will club your universal knowledge with your skills. Only then we will be able to create a new era. Friends this era belongs to you-the youth. Friends, on this occasion I heartily congratulate you upon receiving your degrees. Life is truly precious. The thing that matters is what you can do for your nation. I hope you will not forget the teachers who have guided you throughout your life. Respect those who dedicate themselves for the society, who spend a hefty portion of their hard-earned money over the development of the country. Always strive hard to establish peace and prosperity and see to it that people live in harmony. The true education is the education which makes a person even better. I earnestly wish that when you leave from this pious atmosphere and enter society, you will outshine others with your character, your hard work and your desire to serve nation. With this, once again, I thank the organizers, Shri Ganpatbhai and Shri Anilbhai and I conclude my speech by wishing all the best to the students in the days to come.

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat, Bharat Mata ki Jay.

Convocation Quick Facts

1Faculty of Management Studies255
2Faculty of Engineering & Technology803
3Faculty of Computer Applications650
4Faculty of Pharmacy69
5Faculty of Science342
6Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities160
7Faculty of Education25
8Total Awardees Students2304

Degree wise Awardees

1Research (Ph.D)14
2Research (M.Phil)33
3Post Graduate958
4Under Graduate1299
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