16th Convocation : Graduating Speech

16th Convocation

Hold High Expectations for Yourself

Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel

Hon’ble Chief Minister
Govt. of Gujarat

December 4, 2021

Graduating Speech

Chief Patron Shri Parshottam Rupala, Hon’ble Union Cabinet Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Govt. of India
Guest of Honour Shri Rushikeshbhai Patel, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister, Health and Family Welfare, Medical Education, Water Resources and Water Supply, Govt. of Gujarat
Guest of Honour Shri Raghavjibhai Patel, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Cow-Breeding – Govt. of Gujarat
President and Patron-in-Chief of Ganpat University Shri Ganpatbhai Patel
Members of Board of Governors and Trustees
Pro-Chancellor Dr. Mahendra Sharma
Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Registrar Dr. Amit Patel
Executive Deans, Deans, Principals of various institutions, faculty members, and staff
Invited guests, distinguished invitees from the world of academics, media, students, and their parents

This evening gives me immense pleasure to be in the midst of such a fervent group of students. At the moment, when I am addressing you people, my mind goes back to the days I spent in my academy era. It’s a great experience to be a part of the 15th Convocation Ceremony of Ganpat University. The thought of a few more thousands would be added to the learned fraternity of our nation overwhelmed me because we need a truly educated mass of intellectual people to let our nation reach higher levels of social, economic, technological, industrial, and many more areas of development, and the events like convocation ceremony are stepping stones to the ladder of nation’s success. Convocation is a consecrated event as it commits us to build a better country, better society, better future for ourselves and for the generations to come.

It has been precisely stated by Nora Ephron that-
“Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead”.
This is a pivotal day in every student’s life since it is the day when all of their hard work, devotion, commitment, and enthusiasm are rewarded. Being called on the stage for holding that prestigious convocation directory is the dream of every student which boosts their self-confidence and sense of worth. This ceremony is known to be the capstone of a student’s entire educational experience which denotes the challenger of more responsibility and maturity. These degrees and certificates present you to society as an acclaimed knowledgeable person of your area of study. Now you should remember that true knowledge is to think of the welfare of one’s society, nation, and the world at large. For the last one and half decades, Ganpat university under the visionary leadership of Padma Shri Dr. Ganpatbhai Patel has been marking new milestones in each and every field. Ganpat University is on its way to serving society and that one can learn from its mission statement i.e. “Vidyaya Samajotkarsh” – Social Upliftment through Education. It has set an example of a socially responsible University in a true sense by providing help in the pandemic to the needy ones. The pandemic has distorted many things but it has unlocked several achievements too. I extend a special compliment to the University for manifesting many transformations during this pandemic so that the learning should not stop and the society also gets advantages from the socially responsible organization. I am very pleased to know the noble team of Ganpat University readily contributed their one-day salary for the CM Relief Fund and altruistically contributed to society by providing essential requirements to stay safe from Covid-19. I have also noted the enthusiasm of the university’s employees and students in playing an important role during the pandemic, apart from academics, they have put sincere efforts into spreading awareness towards Covid-19. University has come one step ahead towards social work by supporting the District Administration by establishing a Covid-19 hospital and has set up 100 beds Covid Care Center with the facility of medical and supporting staff. It has extended support to the rural population and saved as many lives as possible. It has not only served with a non-stop learning process but has also served society without hampering the education headway of the university. Online Education for the students of Ganpat University had been initiated even before anybody thought of the lockdown during the pandemic. More than 12,000 students could study from their homes during the pandemic. Such noble efforts of helping its students are really noteworthy. All these merits of this university make it unique.
It is also heartening to learn that Ganpat University has educated a large number of students, many of whom have gone on to hold senior positions in some of the world’s most prestigious corporations. There are many who believe that they have triumphed by launching their own successful businesses. It is a subject of significant appreciation that, in light of today’s industrial requirements, Ganpat University is committed to delivering devoted, skilled, and capable employees to the global community.
I congratulate Ganpat University for signing live Academic Associations and MoUs with Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, SAS India, Shalby Hospitals, Gujarat Chemical Association, Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center, Gandhinagar, and opening up new avenues to connect the academics with Industry in real meaning. It will be prolific in attaining skill-based education under New Education Policy. I truly appreciate the Vision of Ganpat University that the University not only speaks but also creates the Centres of Excellences with true spirit and zeal.
I also appreciate Ganpat University’s MOU with Leela Foundation, Uganda for promoting reciprocally beneficial cooperation leading to internationally funded projects, academic programs, research, and a host of other fronts. I also congratulate the university for being ranked in 34th position all over India in Top Private B Schools in the West Zone. I applaud the university’s continuous success by approaching 14th rank in Top Private University Constitute B Schools in the prestigious Outlook iCare Annual Rankings of India’s top Private B schools West Zone 2021.
The discussion of the splendid 15 years of fanatical contribution, engagement, and excellence of Ganpat University makes this ceremony more enriched. I feel immense pleasure to comprehend all its dedication towards society and education. The end numbers of achievements of this university make me feel proud to be a part of this event of Ganpat University. I am sure that this university will keep on producing students with the spirit of innovation, shaped by values, determined towards excellence for carving a great future for our country to shine amidst the whole world. The University has left no stone unturned to develop the standard of education, to enhance students’ creativity, and has made society proud with the desire of contributing to the society and has given it a unique identity amidst several.

The Gujarat government appreciates the role of Ganpat University in education and research. ‘Smart Goals’ with the future vision ‘Education for All’ is a major project of the education department with its continuing education and literacy policies that have been implemented by the Gujarat government in order to improve the standard of education. The Gujarat government has launched several developmental schemes not only in the education sector but also in health, agriculture, economics, computer technology, medical science, and transportation. The administration of Gujarat has been contributing towards the development of social development. Ganpat University adds to the same. Fine communication and mutual understanding will help in the advancement of students’ development. The rich potential of Ganpat University can collaborate with the ideas and policies of the Gujarat Government and together we can craft wonders.

This ceremonial platform is a great place to anticipate more individual resources for the instructive, collective, industrial, and economic development of the nation.
Finally, I’d like to emphasize that your attitude and perseverance will be critical in propelling you to the pinnacle of achievement. Remember Arunima Sinha, the first woman to climb Mount Everest after losing her leg. She stunned the world by accomplishing the seemingly impossible. She lost her left leg and used a prosthetic limb to climb Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. Her mind was a kaleidoscope of emotions when she reached the pinnacle of her success. Her dedication and never-say-die attitude were important in achieving her goal.
Today, I am grateful to be among the group of students who, like Arunima Sinha, have worked hard to achieve their goals with a positive attitude and unwavering efforts. Remember that ‘Students First Character Must’ means that you should always appreciate and maintain the purity of your character throughout your life. Let the person on the other side know that you are a diamond of Ganpat University, no matter who you meet, what you do, or where you go.
Here, I acknowledge the dedication of all those who have been instrumental in the success of the students, the teachers, the parents, and the management. I wish my heartfelt congratulations to you all and wish you all the best for your next venture.
I’d like to congratulate each and every student on receiving his or her well-deserved honorary degree.
Jay Hind
Jay Garvi Gujarat….
Bharat Mata ki Jay……

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